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August 2018

Day of the Transfiguration and the First Profession of Vows

The Feast of the Transfiguration expresses the charism of our Institute of the Incarnate Word. In that event on Mt. Tabor, Our Lord was transfigured before His Apostles, Peter, James and John, showing thereby how the Deity assumed what was good in Man and elevated it to sublime heights. It is our charism to evangelize

Universitas-Asia Launched in Taiwan

The first Universitas or gathering of university students, organized by our Institute took place in Taiwan, at Providence University in Taichung City. Although these gatherings are already a staple in Italy and Argentina, this was the first time such a gathering had been organized in Asia. Gathering together students from all over the Chinese speaking

July 2018

Opening of the Academic Year

With the solemn singing of the Veni Creator, invoking the assistance of the Holy Spirit, the academic year at the Our Lady of Sheshan Major House of Formation began formally with a Lectio Brevis, this time delivered by Fr. Nathaniel Dreyer, IVE, from the United States. Fr. Nathaniel graduated from the Catholic University of America

June 2018

IVE Lipa Goes to Convivencia

One of the essential elements of the religious life is a life in common. Religious make a commitment to live the community life in a common brotherhood and in our Institute of the Incarnate Word, we strive to live out this ideal in what is known as a Convivencia, a kind of living together. In

Holy Missions

What is a Popular Mission? The Popular Mission is simple way to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the People of God. It is the fulfillment of Christ's missionary mandate: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation. He who believes and is baptized will be saved." As

May 2018

Deacons join Archbishop on His Pastoral Visit

After their Diaconal Ordination last April 9, 2018, the new deacons were given the opportunity to join the Archbishop of Lipa, Gilbert A. Garcera, DD, on some of his pastoral visits to the parishes in the province of Batangas. The deacons joined the archbishop for a pastoral exposure, while they are being trained on how

Mission in Tanauan City

Tanauan, just like the major towns of Batangas, is rich in history and culture. Tanauan was founded on 1581, on the border with another town called Sala along the shores of Taal Lake. The town was destroyed during the 1754 eruption of Taal Volcano and Tanauan relocated to its present location (with Sala becoming its

April 2018

Four New Deacons for IVE Philippines

The Spiritual Father of our religious family of the Incarnate Word, St. John Paul II, describes the ministry of deacons in the following words: Deacons are encouraged to take their inspiration from the Gospel incident of the washing of feet: “If the Lord did this”, it says, “then you deacons should not hesitate to do

March 2018

The Altar of God

“And the altar of a church, around which the holy people of God gather to take part in the Lord’s sacrifice and to be refreshed at the heavenly meal, stands as a sign of Christ himself, who is the priest, the victim, and the altar of his own sacrifice.” Rightly so, the altar is the

February 2018

IVE Youth Day 2018

“What a fantastic spectacle is presented on this stage by your gathering here today! Who claimed that today’s youth has lost their sense of values? Is it really true that they cannot be counted on?” Those words, spoken by the Holy Father Pope St. John Paul II in 1984 before a huge crowd

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