December 2016


The houses of formation of the Institute of the Incarnate Word in Lipa were once more privileged to be led by Señor Guillermo Gomez Rivera along the streets of Quiapo, a sort of oasis where millions of people gather to visit and identify themselves with the Suffering Christ. Quiapo was once a Parian

September 2016

Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and the Filipino Nation

Chinese merchants in the Philippines Let us not end the month of September without talking about the first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila. What could we learn from him in regards to our national identity? World War II scorched Manila and its suburbs, leaving us with burned cultural heritage and

August 2016

IVE Philippines Visits Cavite

Crónica en Español. The first week of the August in the Institute of the Incarnate Work marks the celebration of the ‘Week of Culture’, which culminates on the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which reminds us of our specific charism of Transfiguring cultures in to Christ, inebriating them with the principles of the

Gira por Cavite por IVE Filipinas

Todas las primeras semanas de Agosto celebramos, en el Instituto del Verbo Encarnado, la llamada “Semana de la Cultura”, la cual culmina con la fiesta de la Transfiguración del Señor; fiesta que nos recuerda nuestro carisma específico de transfigurar en Cristo todas las culturas, impregnándolas con los principios del Evangelio. La Semana de la Cultura

December 2015

A Small Glimpse of Villa de Lipá

Knocking at Ynciong Residence Last December 20, 2015, some of the members of the Houses of Formation here in Lipá City, went to the población of the same city to have a ´small glimpse´of what used to be known as Villa de Lipá. Accompanying us with this historical tour is Guillermo Gómez Rivera,

October 2015

Día de la Hispanidad – Filipinas

An outdoor dinner at the seminary's garden Last October 12, the IVE communities in the Philippines celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, which also coincides with the Day of Hispanicity  (Día de la Hispanidad) in commemoration of the arrival of Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus) to the Americas which began

September 2015

Chino Cristiano: A Historical Tour

Pre-war Binondo, Manila for photos of this tour, click here. Last September 20, 2015 some of the priests, seminarians and novices of our Institute in the Philippines joined the “Chino Cristiano: A Historical Tour on the Contribution of the Sangleys in the Philippines". Guillermo Gómez Rivera, academic director of the Academia Filipina de la

August 2015

Taal, ¡muy preciosa!

Last August 2, 2015 we began our Week of Culture with another lecture from Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera, but this time in the form of a cultural trip to Taal, Batangas whom he described as ‘muy preciosa’. It was day of historical knowledge of the province where the seminary is located. Brothers venerating the