Human Formation

Human formation is the basis of religious and priestly formation. Priests must reflect the Incarnation of the Word,  in whom shines human perfection and divine perfection, without mixture but in an intimate union.

As the priest is chosen from among men, appointed to act on behalf of men in relation to God (Heb 5:1), they must serve as bridge and not as an obstacle between God and man.

The future priest “must be educated to love the truth, to be loyal, to respect every person, to have a sense of justice, to be true to their word, to be genuinely compassionate, to be men of integrity and, especially, to be balanced in judgment and behavior.” To be fellow workers in the truth (3 John, 8), an extensive intellectual formation must be realized, an education that is ordered to the Truth, not being satisfied by the mere opinions.


This Human Formation also includes the formation of will, which is done through the constant practice of the virtues and the control of the passions. We want to form men who are authentically free and self-possessed; who by that self-possession can give themselves totally. We consider the practice of sports, camping, community vacations, etc. to be of great importance in this formation of the will.