Intellectual Formation

After the one-year period of novitiate, the future priest proceeds to study in the Seminary. Normally, a seminarian has to study three years of Philosophy and four years of Theology. They are the two important phases of the educative program of our Institute.



As the important moment of the intellectual formation, the study of philosophy shall lead the students to acquire a solid and clear knowledge of man, the world and of God – that is, to have deep understanding of the person and his freedom in their relations with the world and with God.

Why do we need to study Philosophy?  With the methods and teachings of the philosophy, the seminarian will be helped to go deeper and live more profoundly his faith, to the loving worship of truth which lead us that this truth is not created and measured by man, but rather given to us a gift from God. To study Philosophy is also to prepare the future priest for the Theological studies.


As St. John Paul the Great said, the intellectual formation of a future priest is based and built above all on the study of theology. The theological formation will lead the seminarian to possess a complete and united vision of the revealed truth of God in Jesus Christ and of the experience of the Church, while also nourish his faith.

Our constitution remarks, “How we should enter into the mysteries of the faith, by means of the theological studies, if we are called to be men of faith that should bring and strengthen our brethren in the faith!”

In our studies, we follow the magnificent synthesis that Saint Thomas Aquinas  presents in his ‘Summa Theologica’, in which, starting from the idea  of one God as the principal and the end, all of the great truth  found its place: Trinity, Creation, Angels, Theological Anthropology, Moral, Christology, Sacraments, and Eschatology.

In all of these, we strive to orient all our studies for the evangelization of the culture, for which we will spare no efforts or ways. We seek to deepen our studies of philosophy and theology that we may be of worthy missionaries in this time of New Evangelization.

On Going Formation

The formation of the members of the Institute does not stop on his ordination day. Our members undertake on going formation. Some of our members may take ecclesiastical or civil courses after the Seminary, according to their capacities and talents. Normally, they take these courses from Pontifical Universities in Rome which helps them attain Roman spirit, which entails a “crown of virtues: universal openness, fidelity to the Magisterium, a missionary spirit, endurance, and magnanimity.”