Pastoral Formation

A priest must be an image of Christ, the Good Shepherd. This is the reason why the whole formation of a priest must aim to prepare the future priest to enter into communion with the charity of Christ, the Good Shepherd. Since our Institute has an apostolic branch, pastoral formation is very important for us. This pastoral formation begins from the time of novitiate, wherein they are gradually introduced to the apostolates of our Institute. Every Saturday, our seminarians go to their assigned apostolates, be it the children’s oratory, working with the youth or helping in one of our parishes. On summer breaks, the seminarians also undertake different activities such as Holy Missions and Summer Camps. However, to have an authentic pastoral life, it is necessary to have a profound spiritual life,  a solid doctrinal formation, and  a manly discipline.

We wish to be formed according to the Heart of Christ: priests who nourish our hearts and spirit with the Word of God, serving our neighbor in solidarity with all in need, tireless preachers, “rich in spirit“, “with tongue, lips and wisdom which the enemies of truth cannot resists”, merciful confessors, exceptionally fruitful in our apostolic and vocational efforts, not elusive to the missionary adventure, always joyful even in difficulties, lovers of the Cross and true devotees of the Virgin Mary.