Novitiate House Construction

When the first novitiate house in the Philippines was founded in 2009, they occupied a rented house near the city proper. Six years hence, the vocations grew in numbers, followed by our transfer to a countryside village named after Pope St. Celestine V. Here, the Novitiate resides on a ancestral house generously lent to us by a neighbor sparing us of paying rent. This year 2014-2015, it accommodated 9 people, some were already sleeping on the floor. The numbers of the applicants to the novices are also increasing, the house is becoming more and more limited and it is now necessary to begin the construction of our very own Novitiate House.

Our Project

The Location.  In the year 2011, the Institute of the Incarnate Word acquired a 2- hectare land in San Celestino, Lipa City. One third of this land is reserved for the Novitiate House. Behind the seminary buildings and near the boundary of San Celestino-Sto. Toribio, there will rise the house where the future priests of the Incarnate Word would have their primary formation.

The Building. It is designed as a rectangular-shaped building with an indoor garden in the center  (reminiscent of a Roman peristylium or the cloister). It includes a chapel, rooms for the Novice Master and the Novices, classrooms and bathrooms with toilets, and guestrooms in case a relative would visit or for those who would like to do ‘search-ins’.

Lipa City?

Lipa City

Located in Batangas province, Lipa City is a first class city 78 kilometers south of Manila. Majority of its population (283, 368) are Roman Catholics. It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Lipa, which comprises the whole province of Batangas. Since the Spanish era, Lipa City is renowned for its production of coffee.

Your Help

The probable construction cost would be P13,417,019.63. this includes the following sections:

This includes earthworks, termite and pest control, etc
This cost includes the masonry (plastered), reinforcement bars, formworks and scaffolding, and roof framing plan.

This cost includes floor and wall finishes, ceiling works, roofing, ironmongery and hardwares, doors and jambs, windows and screens, misc. painting works and cabinetries,


This costs includes Anaerobic Baffled Reactor, Plumbing and Sanitary Rough-In, plumbing fixtures and accessories, and sanitary accessories.


This cost includes panel board, wire, cables and conduits, switches, power outlets and fixtures

Construction update as of December 31, 2015

Be a missionary by helping the missionaries. Be part of the construction of the IVE Novitiate House in San Celestino. We need people who would generously contribute to make this construction a reality. This would be the house where the future religious priests and brothers of the Institute of the Incarnate Word would begin. Only God knows how far your help would go -“until the ends of the earth”.

Banks deposits may be made to the following bank accounts:

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